Let's all Panic & Crash Everything!

They better be careful what they wish for nm which party is in office the Fed is out of ammo since the last recession we will have the possibility to enter an era of perma-stagnation and negative interest rates.

Will start seeing those goldline commercials pop up soon at a record pace. Look at the steps Italy is taking they just quarantined an area bigger than the size of the Los Angeles metro imagine if a U.S. President did that.

It seems likely our outbreaks will follow a similar path as other countries. And so, if we are serious about containment, that might be what is required.

But I don’t see Trump having the sack to do what is necessary.

It’s clear the market sees our path as similar to Italy and SK and are revaluing stocks accordingly.

Do you think this presidential statement is calming to the nation? I don’t know what this means but here’s a pic of me fiddling!

I’m not into conspiracies. I really doubt anyone “released” corona virus. Especially not as an attack on any particular group or country or opponent…

But I’ll say this: Imagine how many people would have been spared the loss of loved ones over the years had we put this much angst and effort and quarantine focus when the world started recognizing the scourge that HIV was.

Likewise, more people will contract chlamydia today (and every day) than Covid-19. But … panic, we must!!!

As for economies collapsing, China will collapse from this long before we will. (If anyone is going to collapse at all.)

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Regardless who was in office they wouldn’t have shutdown all air travel to and from China day 1. Finally they told the idiots to quit getting on cruise ships.

As I said no U.S. president would have done what Italy just did quarantine 17 million people. Not sure where this goes if this doesn’t slow down but it’s beyond political at this point. Just saw a story were they are fighting over rotten meat on that cruise ship parked outside of California.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

He comes off as a victim in that only to someone with a filter that reinterprets anything “Trump” as negative.

Hope that helps!!

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True. HIV was relegated to ‘the gay disease’ for a long time. Remember when Reagan’s press secretary openly joked about it?

Ignoring HIV was a low spot for humanity for sure.


“I’m scared! I need the TV to soothe my fears!”



The market does, like it or not.

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I love it.


Welcome to a world where we’re surprised the country expects reassuring public statements from the president I guess?

That world of sheople has been around for a while now. That’s what’s been getting old fashioned as of late.

Ever notice how young you still are compared to your peers in places like this?

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Yeah twitter is much better amirite

Well, for a lib anyway. They live for using Twits as talking points. lol

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Im sure American will be happy when the layoffs start

Damn right, and a lot of you © will be Kid Sniffer voters by the end of the year.


There is like one young person here.

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No, there are several. At least a half dozen if you count everyone who’s still under 40.


Damn right I will be. The Kid Sniffer vs. The ■■■■■ Grabber. It’s a ■■■■■■ versus a ■■■■ sandwich, but the choice is clear to me. Now run along and tell us what President Nero is tweeting today.