Let's all Panic & Crash Everything!

ive already bought up all the TP in the area and switched to democrat


Today, much oil production is not profitable below a certain price point, so when the price of oil goes down too far, it shutters a whole bunch of production…which harms the economy.

Oil companies don’t produce oil for you to use out of the goodness of their hearts, you know.

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That’s the point. Dems, their leftist media and their ChiCom ally want the US economy to collapse. Releasing the Coronavirus worldwide is achieving that.

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Oh, Dear Lord… We’re in looney tune-ville again. When is Spinach going to be resurrected telling us about Dracula Deflation followed by hyperinflation?..


It’s outta control. A bunch of hyper paranoid freaks who believe everything they hear. The sky is falling. I feel sorry for people who were planning to retire this year. They lost tons of money for nothing other than mass panic. Maybe they should close the markets and send everyone on vacation for two weeks. Hopefully a cruise. :triumph:


Do you think we want NBA and MLB games to be played in empty stadiums? Or theme parks to be closed? Blockbuster movies delayed?

Stuff like that is happening all over the world, and it has nothing to do with Trump.

Good grief is right, we have all these Russian collusion liars fearmongering like the walls are closing in on them.

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Why does Trump how to downplay the negative? Is that what a leader does. Marty Linsky, who I think is one of the finest writers on leadership defines a great leader as someone who helps their organization see the truth.

A leader who is honest about bad news more likely to tamp down panic speculation than a leader who is deliberately putting a positive spin on things.

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Why is the President coming off as a victim here?


I’ve come to see the price oil to be like blood sugar levels. To much, and too little, can be a bad thing.

Forget the victimhood. That is straight up dangerous

There is a reason why people are in a panic. OUR PRESIDENT is out there talking out his ass. He is saying things that are not true. He is saying things that put people in a panic.

Example. This is no worse than the flu. The CDC reports that there have been 13 million cases of the flu so far this flu season as of January 22nd. So if there were 13 million cases of Corona Virus or COVID 19 ( if it’s the same thing as the flu) we know the death rate for COVID 19 world wide is 3.4%

You would have 13,000,000 X .034= 442,000 people that you would figure to die. If it were the same as the flu.

So let’s stop panicking people by saying it is like the flu. The flu sickens millions of people each year…but has a death rate of like 300 times less than COVID 19. So saying it is like the flu with a 3.4% death rate is reason to panic. So maybe tell the president to stop giving out false information, and there will be less panic. He’s the one causing it.


Sending out a message that the market is a bigger concern than people is a winning strategy

As I said when this all started.

No one has any trust in the Administration to handle this crises.

Remember back when the President used a sharpie in an effort to alter reality?

This is why stuff like that is important.


Let’s just ignore the coronavirus and go golfing! Your vulnerable loved ones will probably be fine, don’t worry about it.

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And yet there are news report that the White House will limit foreign officials visits and instead do phone and video calls.

Trump is so full of ■■■■■

if the flu had the same rate of death as COVID 19, there would be 442,000 + deaths each year. Chew on that Mr. President…let that sink in for a minute or two.

Couldn’t agree more. He’s not helping himself at all. A great leader tells people exactly what is going on and how he’s going to address it. THAT instills confidence. Trump is a con man playing the shell game. It works for him in private business and that is fine. That does not work in world leadership during time of crisis.

Hysteria abound.


They better be careful what they wish for nm which party is in office the Fed is out of ammo since the last recession we will have the possibility to enter an era of perma-stagnation and negative interest rates.

Will start seeing those goldline commercials pop up soon at a record pace. Look at the steps Italy is taking they just quarantined an area bigger than the size of the Los Angeles metro imagine if a U.S. President did that.