Let’s Have a Parade!

Remember when Fiscal Responsibility was a Republican thing?

Why let silly fiscal responsibility stand in the way of a good ego stroke?

What are the odds that Trump’s next demand will be a special uniform for him, complete with lots of meaningless medals?

A pity medals weren’t awarded in his Personal Vietnam

He can have epaulettes made of penicillin capsules.


Will Space Force get a place in this?

Let’s get rid of NPR to pay for it.

Spaaaacceeeee foooooooooooorce!

(that’s my new thing now. I’m like a character in an 80s sitcom)

Not to mention disrupting training and unit maintenance for all the units participating.

How many miles of border wall would this have been able to fund?

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also the rumor that the road in DC are not made to handle the weight of heavy armor vehicles.

The whole thing is going to be even more embarrassing since it will immediately follow the Republican party getting it’s ass handed to it in the midterms.

I’m just glad the tea party is on the case


Until recently I lived near DC. Its a very real concern.

Emperor Trump wants a parade so he will get one.

Just wait until North Korea gets a peek at our sweet military parade! Hopefully Kim Jong Un will have his portable toilet nearby and a fresh pair of Mao pants on hand.

$92 million of your tax dollars at work, Tea Party!



Here’s some other parades. Trump wants to emulate them, apparently.

I’m waiting for a Trump supporter to tell us why this is a good idea and money well spent.

WHo knows…
I imagined them unretiring the Space Shuttle fleet and seeing a weaponized Space Shuttle Atlantis rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue. LOL!