Lesbian union leader blasts conservatives for fighting 'culture wars'


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UFT President Randi Weingarten Comes Out

“United Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten spoke publicly for the first time about her life as a lesbian at a gay pride dinner on Thursday night, the Gay City News reported this week”.

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So, Randi, you bet concerned American citizens are fighting a culture war, and for good cause! Stop grooming young, innocent and impressionable grade school children and we won’t have any problem


They are not “liberals” or “progressives”. They are Authoritarian Revolutionaries, the very kind who took over Cuba and now rule over the people with an iron fist.


Any Robin Williams fans?

If so this may have meaning…

Randi Whine-garden is a lying sack of ■■■■■ School is starting, teachers are quitting, enrollment is falling off and this loudmouth skank is peddling “culture” bull ■■■■ instead of plans to educate American children. You know, children who are woefully 2 years behind in level education thanks to the ChiComs who have been educating their children.
Whine away Randi, your phony baloney job is doomed too.


She has brought enormous disgrace to government schools, turning them into institutions of indoctrination, and not education of the three R’s


From the article;

She called out Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, claiming that kids won’t become critical thinkers and learn lessons of life if they “get their way.”

■■■■ you and your lessons of life. Your job is to teach history, math, spelling, reading, English, science but it’s NOT to teach your idea of “lessons of life” which is EXACTLY why DeSantis and DeVos were/are involved.


lesbians have a union??

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Is that a XXX rated post? :wink:

Middle Aged Lesbians in Jeep Wranglers Unite!

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It’s absolutely sickening how a lesbian is intent on using her position to indoctrinate and groom innocent and impressionable grade school children.


No fan of Chi coms here, but somehow I doubt they’re bringing in drag queens to educate Ming and Hong.

If you’d ever seen any Chinese media you’d know drag is a complicated issue over there.

Lesbians and drag queens.

Boy oh boy.

Oh, please. This isn’t indoctrination or grooming. I’m not a fan of drag, but to kids this is just a person dressed up silly and reading a story to them.

There it is. Perfect, you go with that.

Reading a story to them?



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Manhattan? I’m in shock :rofl:
I believe I had that same story read to me a bunch of years ago in Tijuana.

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You keep showing that without the context. Like how the was the head of the PTA who was doing it at a talent show because he thought it was funny. It wasn’t sanctioned by the school and the guy stepped down from his position.

But it is easier to pretend otherwise.

You are the one who seems to be pretending this kind of crap is not happening in public schools around the country.

Stop making excuses for this kind of crap. The fact is, Randi Weingarten is absolutely correct, citizens across the country are fighting a culture war, and for good cause! They do not appreciate public schools being used to groom young, innocent and impressionable grade school children.

It’s not really. You have a handful of examples and this one you used was someone doing something foolish five years ago and there were consequences.

You see… there it is… the accusations of grooming.

Grooming for what?


Grooming to desensitize innocent and impressionable children to sexual deviant behavior.

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