LENO LASHES OUT: Jay Leno Trashes ‘DEPRESSING’ Trump-Hating Late Night TV | Sean Hannity

Jay Leno, the iconic comedian and star of NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show’ for over two decades, called-out his fellow late-night television hosts over their “depressing” non-stop coverage of President Trump, adding that there’s “such negativity now” that viewers are quickly tuning out.

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Leno misses the point. It is the depressing hateful Trump administration that is fueling all the negativity. It just keeps coming, day after day.

Why should I care about a washed up comedian’s opinion?

Well he is right of course and the proof is in the ratings, they are rather pitiful compared to Late Night shows of the past. Presidents have always been good humor comic fodder for Late Night hosts but there is nothing funny about abject hatred and hypocrisy! These late night hosts know that they insult half their audience and don’t care if they lose ratings because their hate is so strong for the President and his voters.

And the hypocrisy is all these celebrity types supposedly against “bullying” are nothing but vicious BULLIES themselves! President Trump fights back BIGLY and half the potential audience tunes out.