Leftist Shrink Fantasizes about Murdering White People

She ain’t on my side, that much I am sure of.

My side is non violent and certainly condones the shooting of anybody based on skin color.


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I honestly believe that most of them are not and have no idea what kind of world they’re creating, especially the ones that post here and disrupt that stereotype on a daily basis. Unfortunately, they’re not the politicians in power that push that garbage.

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When being honest could cost one’s livelihood, that’s dumb.

When choosing to remain in the States when obviously not wanting to be around the numerically dominant group, that’s stupidity—like showing up in a Chinese restaurant and getting pissed ‘cause enchiladas aren’t on the menu.

This ugly nasty female dog is so dumb she needs watered twice a day like a houseplant. My apologies to the plant for comparing Broomhilda to it.

Houseplants add decor, a little cheer, to a place. Broomhilda does not.

I think their is some truth to that.


Someone shouldn’t be practicing medicine.

No it’s just more evidence there are nuts on both sides of the aisle.

Edmund Kemper, the Co-Ed killer, had an IQ of 145. When he was interviewed by the FBI during the 1980s as part of their research on understanding serial killers, he mentally intimidated the agents. His expertise on the human condition and psychology was entirely self taught, but they came to him for advice each time a new killer came to light.

But he also killed and raped the corpse of his own mother and ate the skin of college coeds

Someone can be an awful, purely evil human being and be intelligent. It’s not an either or thing.

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I don’t hate the Russian people. Never have. Don’t hate the Chinese people either.

I hate their governments and consider their state apparatuses a mortal threat to the West. Especially the Chinese.

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She’s doubling down. This is why there’s such an uproar over critical race theory, because this is the perfect example of the type of educator that forces it into our schools, gleefully encouraged by the Biden administration. She will face no repercussions whatsoever for her racism.


i dint think you mean “condone” here. condemn?

say do you suppose this kind of anti-white maniacal rhetoric will lead to violent crimes, being a direct result of your president calling “white supremacy” the “most lethal threat” to this country?

kinda like how people blamed trump’s calling a virus from china a “Chinese virus” for some nut shooting up massage parlors?

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Why don’t you walk around various parts of Newark, Paterson, East Orange, Irvington, Camden, etc, at night. I’m sure you’ll find your share of violence on your side.