Left or Right? Who does a better job of controlling the medias slant?

Look at how the Y-axis is labelled.

Yeah, understood. I’m going crazy with not being able to edit my posts. Almost impossible not to have at least one typo in each when you are on your cell phone. :wink:

Looking on that graph on my laptop now, and my first thought is that it’s clearly tongue in cheek, otherwise just outright trolling.

Do you think what you wrote is relevant to anything?

…and then…some things just don’t go out of style my lady.:sunglasses:

Most republican views are irrelevant to modern day America.

I wondered the same? Nope…I just found it.:smiley:

I’ll admit things are polar but the matter of “relevance” depends on what you’re trying to accomplish? Wouldn’t you agree?

Sorry but that was people that did that.

Left-right really has little to do with it. It’s how the individual news outlets reports the news. If you pull in the commentator shows, it throws the balance. The nightly news shows are a good source. Most individual news shows are. But it’s misguided to lob in the commentator shows. They’re not balanced and everyone knows it.

The success of Fox is due to the overwhelming slanted chokehold the libs had on the MSM.

It’s not to people who forget history… or are blind to current events.

Let me track what you are implying. The American liberal media (Huffington Post, Slate, The Nation) are playing to murder 10s of millions of people? That seems far fetched.

I think the left has a build in slant, since most of the TV and cable news media are left leaning, and all of the social media are left leaning.

Democrats want to have a safe, free, and opportunity-filled America while skimming a bit off the top.

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I agree. As long as the new hosts are up front with their political bias for one side or the other.

…and yet that Party controls most of the governorship, state houses, the US House, US Senate and the Presidency. Other than that, yeah, you are correct. :man_dancing:t6:

The Republicans have done an excellent job of playing the election game to cover their declining popularity with the actual population of the country.