Left or Right? Who does a better job of controlling the medias slant?

Who does a better job at presenting the news albeit their biased slat to the general public. Getting their narrative in your head and their talking points parroting out of your mouth. The left or the right?[poll type=regular max=3 public=true]

  • Left?
  • Right?
  • Even?

Be it FOX or MSNBC I’d argue they are both sides are pretty adept in giving their respective audiences the bias confirmation they crave.

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So by the MSNBC taking down their sacrificial lamb every now and then garners the trust and perceived fairness for cynical leftys and Trump sticking to the Party line and celebrating Trump garners the loyalty of the pep rally rightys. In there lives a balance?

I’m sorry, but that’s the most hilarious pile of ■■■■■■■■ that I’ve ever seen.

The pinnacle of media is Prisonplanet?

A balance in the sense that each side plays their role as cheerleader/unrelenting critic to whichever political ideology is involved? I suppose. It’s why I don’t pay much attention to American media in general.

Russian state-run media is more “free” than any independant liberal media?

This hilarious graph is proof that the right has its talons deeply embedded in the gullible flesh of those desperate for validation of their antiquated views.

Leftism killed almost 100 million people last century. It’s continues in Venezuela and Latin America. Freedom is never antiquated, but it is usually short lived.

Where’s Fox on that graph? Do you actually believe this?

I feel very sorry for you.

Who said that?

Truly awesome!

RT is on the graph.

Well then they win. They do the better job of harnessing their base.

Ah, ok. Hard to see on my cell screen?

Well that wasnt the question was it. It wasnt about who is more free or unbiased. But you go there automatic. It was about who is doing a better job of harnessing their base?. Right or left.

To me the graph reads who the other side is most afraid of.

What are you torqued about? The stupid graph that was posted by smyrna lists RT as being “more free”.

This new board is giving me issues.

The graphic that Smyrna posted said that. It’s in the 4th post.