Late Night Philosophy

Hop on in, folks. There isn’t enough places to vent it all, right?

At the end of the day, here we are.

What’s the end of the day feeling like for everyone tonight?

“And ever since that day… I have been trying to get back there!”

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Another night of insomnia. So much work involved with literally doing nothing (sleeping).

Meditate in regular two week intervals in order to sleep soundly, deal with the lack of sleep and find another late night hobby, or drug my brain every night with the pharmacy until it taps out?

So many options available, so few answers needed.

If I had the answer, I wouldn’t have Xanax, lol. Well actually I would for Sunday nights after turning my schedule around on the weekend. But generally I have the same problem. On the nights that I don’t get high, reading helps. Or lying just flat on my back watching tv for a while can help. But shutting your mind off is a hard thing to do. I feel for you and hope you find some relief. And if you do, let me know what helped.