Last rally on Sunday MIAMI! LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Miami, FL 11-1-20

in 8 hours

LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Miami, FL 11-1-20


Looks like the RSBN coverage in Miami just started

He’s certainly working for it.

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Joe’s been hitting the Orlando TV market hard these last few weeks.

He really is. I hope they triple up on protection. He is fighting the darkest “City Hall” since Lincoln

In a toss up state in like every election? That senile moron!

The leftists are totally in bed with China, by their proxies. “That’s the way a hardcore commie works”

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The ballot dumping is going to go nuts.

Leftists don’t even have twitches of guilt

They should show that video non-stop on all networks

In the meantime Deep State operatives are negotiating with China to get "Super Spreader Drones…

The President ends the rally at a quarter to one, his time.

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I love this post!

It is pretty great

You’ll like this too.

This would be unfake news, I presume?

Done in a scientific manner you approve of?

No. Not scientific but up to date info. Science wouldn’t know where to begin. No one would agree, because most aren’t real scientists and real scientists, would say statistics is not science.

If they are not real scientists, what are they, plastic ones?

Real scientists are not pencil pushing geeks that are paid to fake things

Real Scientists understand what real science methodology is and how primitive science is and that they know virtually nothing.
They also know that the scientist effects the experiment. Godel or even the Copenhagen Interpretation.

Q pushers talking about “real science”? Thanks but no thanks.