Lance (NJ-07) comes to Dover

you can smell the desperation on his part.

See people in his district (NJ-07) dont give a rats arse about immigration.

They want tax reform

The Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center (TPC) estimated that 61.5 percent of households in the state will see a tax cut in 2018 due to the major individual income tax provisions in the law.

“With a roaring economy and consumer confidence near an all time high, Republicans stand to benefit greatly at the ballot box this fall,” said National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Jesse Hunt.

However, TPC estimated that 10.2 percent of New Jersey households will see a tax increase - the greatest percentage of any state. And a big reason is a change in the state and local tax deduction.

@SneakySFDude can laugh all he wants but the people will revolt and replace R’s with D’s in Jersey.

raise taxes; lose elections.


Depends on if the 62% vote for the R’s that gave the tax cut :smiley:

ah there lies the rub.

NJ-07 is gonna be a close election.

Almost an equal amount of Dems and Repulican;s in my district.

That 10% who got their Taxes increased under Trump/Lance could be the difference.


That 10% should be told to elect R’s to state and local government to get their state/local taxes reduced :smiley:

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These are republicans run towns. LOL.