Ladies and Gentleman

The man who will almost certainly be the GOP Senate candidate in Pennsylvania.

Mastriano is the guy considered the normal, not crazy candidate in the Republican senatorial primary here in PA. El oh el. Sure am glad QAnon hasn’t taken over the GOP in less than two years like I predicated.

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Anime Trump. Just let that settle on your eyeballs for awhile.

I knew your state was bat ■■■■ crazy all along. :sunglasses:


Rick Santorum thought he could get away with going full social con crazy because he was a two term senator cursing to an easy victory for the third.

Pennsylvanians don’t like this kinda ■■■■ much.

We’ll see. There’s always the chance he wins. :wink:

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Qnon is a figment of some woke folk minds. I am glad your prediction was based on others false narrative. Look carefully, Mr Lucchese, and do not believe lame stream media.

I would never have guessed.

That would be nice.

There is no QAnon and also everything QAnon said is correct؟


Ya know… I did not expect to see anime Trump. That was totally unexpected.

At this point, I just want someone to run Senator Armstrong.

That’s weird. This Doug fellow seems to think Q-Anon is real

I don’t know why the anime crowd suddenly started feeling safe rubbing elbows with the rest of those tags.

I guess they don’t remember the early/mid 2000s.

What happened in the early/mid 2000’s?

Conservatives tried to drive the surveillance state bus over everything they deemed obscene, and the idea of digital privacy was scoffed at.

Did they go after anime artists?

You didn’t even have to draw the stuff to be at risk, it wasn’t safe to possess much of anything that wouldn’t pass chinese censors now.


Well thanks. I know what anime is but not much else about it.

Ahhhhhhhhh…the call of the woke.


there is no Qanon, I agree. Qanon cannot say anything because there is none.

Woke folks are goofy.

It is hilarious how some want to pretend that QAnon is a left wing thing.