Kudos to Gene Simmons

In addition to KISS music still being a lot of fun, and for avoiding alcoholic beverages, smoking and drugs, Mr. Simmons—AFAIK a secularist from a Jewish family, came to the defense of an athlete who is quite his opposite:

www.imdb.com for more about Gene Simmons, also an actor

Apparently he’s more conservative than liberal, but leans a little left on issues like marriage and abortion rights. And here he is, not only opposite in faith but was known as The Demon with KISS, standing up for Tim Tebow.

I salute both men.


I can’t say I’m a fan of either, but I never understood the attacks on Tebow. Progressives are angry with kneelers now?

I don’t know that they’re angry WITH kneelers, but seeing a double standard.

They think it’s OK to be white and pray to Jesus, but not to be black and take a knee to protest the treatment of minorities in police custody.

Personally I think many supported Kaepernick when he was strictly taking a knee during the Bellamy Pledge, but lost patience once he started wearing pig socks to insult police and promoting Castro’s Cuba.

I’ve never understood the attacks against Tebow. Is he praying out of malice or spite? I don’t get the impression he is.

Who is attacking Tebow?

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“If I hac two bullets I’d shoot Tebow first” by John Oliver is one

Whether or not someone shares Christian faith with Mr. Tebow, who is he hurting by praying?

It’s because they despise Christianity and have contempt for white evangelical Christians.

There are nonwhite progressives. It’s interesting few of them are attacking Tebow.

Seems mostly white liberals like John Oliver are playing that game. Could it be black and Hispanic progressives were raised in homes where Catholic or another Christian faith played a part?

There are some Asian progressives, too, and they don’t seem to be part of the attacks. Maybe they don’t practice any faith but don’t care if someone else does?

In any case it seems to be mostly white progressives attacking white Evangelicals.

How is that “Anti-Christian”?

Looks like he’s just making fun of him, same as everyone else.

(Also, John Oliver made that joke 4 years ago)

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Yeah the joke is “How do you thank God before you thank your offensive line?”

Pretty mild actually.

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Tebow became the white knight for some football fans but his smarmy evangelizing didn’t really play very well with teammates or coaches, and for a guy who was a quarterback he is not an accurate thrower, at all. He was pressured to move to an H back or tight end position but he refused because he had to be a quarterback.

So, here he is in his 30’s trying to break back into the NFL as…a tight end.

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Oh, and Gene Simmons is beyond gross.

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The weak attack others to make them feeeel more virtuous about themselves, other than doing it the hard way…applying their own efforts and succeeding.

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…and likely only getting involved in this whole thing in a desperate attempt to grab hold of any kind of cultural relevance whatsoever. KISS never were a very good band musically, and YES, Gene Simmons is one disgusting individual for so many reasons. I wouldn’t want him defending my religious rights whatsoever.

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It’s such an odd person to be defending Tebow. Totally random.

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You should check out a Gene Simmons sex tape sometime.

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Only if I’m in dire need of an emetic.

Then celebrate cuz it shows even a complete ass can be right sometimes.

Absolutely 100% correct. Sometimes the most wisdom comes from the worst men and women:


This is an old book, but a great read!

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The sales rank suggest it hasn’t sold a copy in at least a year lol.