Korean leaders aim for end of war, 'complete denuclearization'

The leaders of North and South Korea met and promised to end the Korean War and to denuclearize the entire Korean peninsula.

I guess this could fit into the thread where Trump was ridiculed for flattering Kim, but that’s in the other forum. Maybe it was worth it?

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I’ll be the first to offer a mea culpa if something actually comes of this. But I suspect it’s the usual ■■■■■■■■■

You do know this has nothing to do with Trump. The South Korean President ran on engagement with North Korea.

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You do know that Trump was continually ridiculed when he threatened Kim, and was ridiculed again when he called Kim “honorable”? So Trump would have been blamable if there had been a war there, but had nothing to do with helping establish peace?
A very predictable response from the Trump haters.

This was the South Korean’s President campaign promise. Diplomatic engagement with the North. He is fulfilling it.

He is the one driving this train. Unfortunately, I’m sure the Moron will find a way to derail it.

The “moron” is the one that established the environment that made this possible. You can’t complain a few months ago that Trumps words and actions were threatening war over there, and then…when peace breaks out…claim Trumps words and actions have no effect on relations in Korea. Well, you can, and it is expected, but it is not sellable.

I suspect Trump will try and take credit for it and Fox News will crow for him. But yeah, he had zero to do with it.

You obviously have no knowledge of about what the South Korean President campaigned on and the diplomacy which went on for what occurred yesterday to happen.

With that said - I make it a point not to go back and forth with people who are incapable of understanding facts. I have better things to do with my time.

Understanding that both Koreas are not operating in a vacuum is clearly not one of the ways you spend your time.

Trump bring about world peace, while the dems resist it…