Korea- trump didnt bring talks

Yep. Which has also played a huge role in the progress being made.

I think it’s scary that we sit here and debating who to believe between 45 and Junior Kim. However it’s a debate worth having because 45 is a notorious liar and is on track to tell at least 20k+ public lies if he get 2 terms, it doesn’t help that he’s a con/bullcrap artist. Then you have Junior Kim who is not only a liar, but a killer too. Both of these so-called leaders are terrible human beings, now we are questioning who to believ!!!. I have a suggestion…NEITHER ONE OF THEM!!!

In the words of that famous master of sports entertainment and beer drinking SC Stephen Austin, “DTA…Don’t Trust Anyone”. :rofl:

Do you know that many of us that dont support Trump never voted or supported Hillary, right?

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Trump can lead you anywhere as long as you’re convinced he’s 100th of a percent more credible than Kim Jong Un. Good job.

I’ll put it this way. I can believe Osama bin Laden is credible when he says he plans to attack the United States without having taken his side.

You’re defending the indefensible.

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What changed is he developed missiles capable of reaching the continental US.

Also, IIRC, the new SK Pres ran on a platform of reunifying Korea.

They all do, but not all of them approach it in the most realistic manner.

The right wing in South Korea has a certain degree of scorn for being too overly friendly with them.

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You are correct. Which also has likely played a huge role in this.

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That someone on the Hannity boards would make such an over-simplified vacuous partisan argument is way more expected than just about any other event.

Are we defending NK’s propaganda…= TDS (Trump derangement syndrome…)

Has he been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize?

Are we making a simplistic vacuous argument?

That equals being a person who can only think in sound bytes.

Let us compare?

Kim has intentionally lied to the world and to his own people.
Trump has intentionally and pathologically lied to the world and to his own people.

Kim has killed his own people.
Trump has killed his own people.

Kim has killed innocent foreigners.
Trump has killed innocent foreigners.

Kim has threatened nuclear war.
Trump has threatened nuclear “fire and fury” the likes of which the world has never seen.

Kim has threatened to attack America.
Trump has threatened to wipe out North Korea.

Kim has never sanctioned a starving near third world nation.
Trump has sanctioned a starving near third world nation.

Kim has never invaded America.
America has invaded North Korea, and Trump has threatened to do it again.

Kim has never used his nuclear weapons against another nation.
America has used its nuclear weapons in anger against another nation, and Trump has threatened to do it again.

Kim has sought to increase the nuclear weapons stockpile at his disposal.
Trump has sought to increase the nuclear weapons stockpile he has at his disposal.


What could be plainer?

It was Kim and Moon talking to each other, Trump hasn’t been let in on the conversation between them yet.

you are posting a delusion. Seriously.

Some of the left. Check out post 52.

Great job of dodging the entire question so let me repeat.

Other than Trump’s aggressive stance towards N. Korea what has changed in the equation since Obama left office?

One test site, not anything to do with their nuclear capabilities. Digging a new hole for further underground testing would not be a major issue so no, this argument makes no sense.

Kim became much more aggressive aver the election of president Moon.

That capability hasn’t been proven. They also still have not demonstrated a warhead capable of surviving reentry.

What is proven is our ability to destroy them during all three phases of flight.