Kiss These U.S. Navy Destroyers Goodbye

Is there any good news for the Navy these days? :smile:

The Navy is cancelling plans to extend the life span of early Arleigh Burke-class destroyers by 10 years, from 35 to 45.

Meaning that the Arleigh Burke’s could begin to decommission in the late 2020’s.

355 Ship Navy they say!!!

Har Har, Hardy Har Har. :rofl:

With shipbuilding plans in chaos, the Navy increasingly is counting on small, cheap robotic ships to rescue it from a major contraction.

Wow. Drone ships, that’s kinda sad and feels unsafe tbh.

Pax Americana coming to an end in sight.

To save money, the Navy is canceling an effort to add 10 years to the service lives of its 27 oldest Arleigh Burke -class destroyers. The fleet announced the extension back in 2018.

It sounds like they keep changing their mind…which means…they may very well change their mind again?

The plan began to collapse in late 2019 as the Navy came to terms with flattening budgets, the rising cost of ship-construction and maintenance and the poor performance of several new ship types.

Is anyone held accountable for these failures?

No of course not. We just give them bigger contracts on the next go round.

Is this similar to previous plans that get floated(like cutting a carrier) to get a response and additional funding?