Kimber Arms Making a Move

Kimber Arms is moving their corporate hq from Yonkers, NY to Troy, Alabama.

Excellent move. For Kimber and Alabama.


Holy ■■■■■ For real??? Crazy.

Don’t blame them.


More companies need to vote with their feet when it comes to these lib states.


I hope so.
Housing prices (thus my property taxes) around Seattle are insane due to high demand.

They are, God help California if the big tech all decided to completely move.

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That would never happen.

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Good for them. I’m sure Alabama will appreciate them lot more.


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It’s going to be a trend I think…

May you receive the depreciation you just asked for.

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Great move by Kimber. Best not to be incorporated in a state that is hostile to their existence.

My most and least reliable handguns are both manufactured by Kimber. My 1911 is flawless, never given me an issue. My Solo on the other hand is another story; too unreliable to be a cc handgun.

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