KIM’S BIOTHREAT: North Korea LOADING ANTHRAX onto Intercontinental Missiles | Sean Hannity

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is reportedly loading the deadly biological agent anthrax onto his intercontinental ballistic missiles; putting the devastating weapon of mass destruction in range of every major American city.

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Wait - I heard that everything was rosy after Trump shook hands with Kim and declared that the nuclear threat from NK was over. Has that changed now?

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Lol. Wait for lil Twittler try to spin this one.
Anthrax, Fake News, NOK great country, great leader. Dumb ass doesn’t even have to adress this. Impossible to weaponize Anthrax on a ICBM, but he will of course say something stupid about this.

The story is almost a year old!

Ah - that explains it. I didn’t look at the date. I hate when we see these posts that look like they’re breaking news, only to find out they are ancient by media terms.

Did Kim remove the anthrax since Fat Fonald gave Rocket Man a seat at the world powers table?

Yeah I don’t get it. I’d get kicked off the forums if I said what I think about it lol.

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