KIM ABROAD: North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Arrives in Russia for Summit with Vladimir Putin

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrived in eastern Russia Wednesday aboard his heavily-armored train to kick-off his summit with President Vladimir Putin; a meeting that could have major consequences on the Trump administration’s push to denuclearize his regime.

“Both leaders have high hopes for their first one-on-one meeting: Kim for a win after his failed second summit with U.S. President Donald Trump and Putin for a chance to raise Moscow’s clout in the region and gain more leverage with Washington,” reports the Associated Press.

“I have heard a lot about your country and have long dreamt of visiting it,” Kim reportedly told Russian officials after crossing the border. “It’s been seven years since I took the helm, and I’ve only just managed to visit.”

“Kim wants to show that he’s cooperating with Russia too, rather than looking to only the U.S. and China. But I think it’s not easy for Russia and China to provide North Korea with practical assistance that leads to the inflow of dollars,” said a senior researcher at the Korea Institute for National Unification.

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