KHAN TANKS: London Mayor’s Approval Rating PLUNGES after Murder Spike | Sean Hannity

London Mayor Sadiq Khan found himself in hot water with local voters Thursday, with new data showing his approval rating plunging after a recent spike in knife violence and murders throughout the UK capital.

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I bet they hate the left hates the cops in London too

The leftists and apologists in London wanted a change and now they get to enjoy it.

If you look at the overall survey he is still 22% percent in front of the Conservatives who have also lost support.

Where’s Captain Kirk when we need him? :wink:

Since when is who the mayor of London a thing for American politics?

Without using google name the two most prior mayors.

If you can’t… what is different about this mayor that you do know his name?

Its because he is an out spoken critic of Trump.

Look up “Londonistan”, although I suspect that you protest too greatly…

It is a cautionary tale that probably led to Brexit.

Given that my predominant genetic homeland has taken too deep of a drink of the lethal Socialism cup, and is too late trying to pull back from the brink… This seems to be what woke them up a little.

so is a scary Muslim thing? that is the issue with the mayor?