KFC Original Recipe

Col. Sanders’ nephew recently found a hand written version of Sanders’ fried chicken recipe.
He gave it to the Chicago Tribune, who tested it. They cooked chicken with it and compared it to KFC they had bought. It was indistinguishable, if not better.

I finally got around to cooking some today. I’ve been eating it for 60 years and this is the real deal!!

Here are the 11 herbs and spices

To 2 Cups of flour add: T = Tablespoon

2/3 T salt
1/2 T Thyme
1/2 T Basil
1/3 T Oregano
1 T Celery Salt
1 T Black Pepper
1 T Dried Mustard
4 T Paprika
2 T Garlic Salt
1 T Ground Ginger
3 T White Pepper

Cooking instructions in linked article below.


2/3 T = 2 teaspoons

1/3 T = 1 teaspoon

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Yep- thanks :slight_smile:

For the non-cooks. :slight_smile:

I understand. I should have thought to add that. Thanks again.

KFC is way overrated. Never like em.

If you tried the real thing you would like it. They haven’t made it right since Sanders sold it in the 1960s.

I have some frying chicken on hand. I will try the above recipe and see how it goes, may the ghost of Colonel Sanders be with me. :smile:

And may his ghost not smite me for stealing his recipe. :smile:


Report back.

Will do.

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Forget that, I have the original recipe for Joe’s Stuff.

I have to agree there was a few times I had it that I enjoyed it generally it tears my stomach apart.

That sounds delicious! Thank you for the recipe, Bill.

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Reading that article made my head hurt. As someone who grew up beside a grandma who measured by eye and taste, sometimes using measuring devices, and learning everything there was to learn along the way, I guess I have a hard time understanding how some people know NOTHING about how to cook.

It’s just second nature to me I guess.

I’m the person who gives people the funny look when they say they don’t cook. :joy:


Going to have to try that this weekend

The problem with KFC is they don’t use quality chicken anymore. They used to me MUCH better I stopped going there.

But what a traitorous nephew! What the hell? He should kicked out of the family.

Or just buy from KFC. Support a great American business who created a winning recipe. :blush:

Anyone who leaks like this should be working for the FBI. Or Shifty Schiff.

OMG… I love the extra crispy :chicken:

My mom was the same.

She’d say a “dash or two of this or that”.

I was like, “MOM! What is a DASH!” :laughing:

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