Kevin McAleenan promoted to Acting DHS secretary because hes tougher than Nielsen

Kirstjen Nielsen has been widely viewed the toughest DHS head ever…and oversaw the separation of families. But in Trump’s compulsion to be even tougher on those trying to come here, he’s gone with someone deemed tougher than Nielsen.

What do you all think of this move? I’m concerned about the perception of going tougher but feel inclined to wait and see how it goes.

I think this is yet another ploy by Trump to play to his base, knowing that the majority of them want very tough immigration standards.

Yes, this. I agree. And Trump and his allies seemingly forget that a large reason they lost the House last November was because of suburban women abandoning them and siding with the
Democrats, in large part because of the appearance of incredibly cruel treatment of humans, children in particular, seeking asylum. While this may energize the minority base of Trump, it is likely going to further alienate the party from the majority they need to ensure re-election in 2020.

Trump seems to be doubling down on all the issues that lost them the House - Child Separation, Health Care…


Indeed. It is wild that this is their strategy. To double down and triple down, in hopes the base will be what maintains their power, rather than attempting to expand the tent and reach out to more constituents. I believe it is indicative of Trump’s personality. He only wants to be President for the minority of Americans that love him, and screw everyone else. Time will tell if the strategy works, but is certainly counter-intuitive.


He is going to be the death nail to the GOP

Modern republicanism. Separating parents from their children at the border.

That’s just too perfect a synopsis of this era.

He should nominate someone else to the position, not just put in someone as “acting” head of the department.

No he isn’t.

Many of the the current stock of Republicans, the Trumpists, have very short memories and dissociative powers that, like their President, defy gravity. They will forget, oftentimes willfully, what they once supported.

There will likely be a passionate minority of Republicans who will never go back to the party, but the current Trumpists and the majority of disaffected Republicans will coalesce again once Trump is gone and a scintilla of sanity returns to the party.

Libertarians and some independents will benefit from those who have permanently cast off their ties to the party. But they won’t be enough in number to end it.


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He SHOULD, but I suspect he’ll delay for as long as possible. Nominating someone would mean hearings, and questions, and reminders that there are checks on his power.

Brouski…I think this is the most dangerous thing that Trump does. He does not believe in the checks and balances. I am concerned that this gets to be too much of a way of life…and he then begins to set the bar lower and lower for coming presidents. In a way, a great deal of what OBAMA did lowered the bar enough, and Bush before him. How much lower can the bar go.


Technically not illegal…

They always hype how families with absent parents are such a problem, too.

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You can go to many far-right web sites and members are cheering this decision. Will there be enough come November 2020? Time will tell.

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Yep. And if they do go through with Trump’s desire to re-start the child separation policies from before, I have to imagine the further abandonment of suburban women will only get worse for them. And remember, Trump only won by a mere 78,000 votes across three states, all of which he is completely underwater in polling right now, and a massive net loss in approval in all three, since the election in 2016.

So Trump is convinced by Mick Mulvaney that repeal and replace the ACA is a good thing.
And then Trump is convinced by Stephen Miller that heads need to roll at DHS and that the separation policy is a good thing to bring back.
Last year they got killed on both of those.
I wonder what is going to be next.

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The dems should give him everything he wants…america needs to feel the pain of this stupidity…stupid should hurt as one has said and right now its not hurting these people.

It almost makes me feel like Trump is here to eviscerate the Republican Party and make it go away for good. But then again. Why would he do that?

5D chess.

You forgot? He was chosen by God.
As NebraskaFootball pointed out correctly, Trump’s victory was razor thin. And since then his poll numbers have fallen in those districts. And there are some indicators that he has lost at least 5% of the base that elected him. And he is doing nothing to widen that base. I think he truly believes that the Democrats will not put up anybody he can’t beat. And for his base he has to continue to appear the strong leader. I am getting the idea that Stephen Miller wants to weld a lot of power. And I really don’t think that he cares what the R’s on the hill think. Film at eleven.

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