Kevin Hassett blows holes through Obama Economy

Economic growth from Q2 2014 to Q2 2018 is practically a straight line

I don’t know about Rush but Hannity never blamed Obama for housing crisis. He does blame Obama for lack of recovery.

That rest on Obama shoulders.

But again that’s what you expect when you libs hired a radical left-wing ideologue over someone that has some understanding how economy runs.

Obama was clueless.

then why was Obama economy was about stagnated at 1.6 percent during his final year in office?

The truly wealthy always have the patience to wait for their puppet party to gain control and give them huge tax breaks.

And they know that the party if full of complete suckers who will cheer and applaud for them while they take more and more of the wealth from the stupid idiots doing all of the cheering and applauding for them.

Good job Conan.

Tell that to Washington compost…they agree with Trump economy.

lol - So you are saying that a paper that is full of ■■■■ agree with the Trump economy?

Yeah, I can believe that. :rofl:

It gets even better if you compare what the market did the day or two after obama won and compare it to the market the day or two after trump won.

Not took office. Won the election.

probably because the economy grew at 1.6 percent during his final year in office? Do you get what I’m saying? Q2 and Q3 2014 saw nearly 5% growth. If you narrow down the time frame, you can find good and bad both before and after the election, which is why people arguing in good faith wouldn’t narrow it down to such a small time frame. The long term macroeconomic trends were virtually unchanged before and after the election. The two biggest changes were mild business optimism over the thought of tax cuts, and a reversal in the deficit (from decreasing to increasing) that was caused by drivers other than entitlement spending

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If we’re using markets as an indicator of overall economic health then you guys should be building a ■■■■■■■ shine to Obama.

The lost decade, and yet similar results for goods producing jobs were obtained in 2014 and 2015? SSDD, but economy is booming and the Obama economy was the lost decade. Riiiight.

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Because the economic situations were totes identical. Not like a global financial crisis was going on or anything versus one of the longest expansion periods in history.

I think 2009 was the only year in modern history where a profound, widespread ignorance of macroeconomics worked in our favor. If people knew how close to the edge we actually were…we probably would have tipped over.


Boy, I enjoyed that negative force financially for seven out of eight years. It was absolutely terrible losing. My bank and stock site must’ve made some horrific clerical errors. Perhaps I ought to alert them.

Thanks for the heads up.

Don’t forget the shine your gold.

Obama should have average at least 4.0 percent growth in his last few years.

Bush economy and great recession our country was ripe for economic growth. But Obama failed…and Trump is capitalizing on Bush and Obama failures.

Those are facts whether you like it or not.

We just need to prevent YOU libs from gain power again.

Every word you just said is wrong.

And once again, because you’re just repeating yourself now, Obama’s tragic economic failures–skyrocketing stock market, low inflation, steady economic growth–now make future employment for me entirely optional. I’ll soon be leaving my current job, which I enjoy, for a far more interesting one that pays a bit less. I don’t even have to do so, but I’m lucky to have two options to choose from that are actually fun.

I will always hate him for ruining my life.

And everything in your post that you called a fact was actually your opinion. And that’s a fact.

You whine an awful lot.

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Before the housing crisis the stock market reached 16,800 or there about.

When Obama left it was around 19,900.

Now think about that. Obama wasted most of his years just to gain back what was lost.

Now it’s almost 26 thousand.

Think about it libs.

Is unemployment an economic indicator? How about gdp growth?

Do you just say whatever you want to say despite the data?

No. That will not be “the” question.

Dude. This is way too cerebral for this place. Needs more “libs bad” kind of stuff to be appreciated around here.