KERRY COLLUSION: Trump Slams Kerry’s ‘ILLEGAL MEETINGS’ with Iranian Officials | Sean Hannity

President Trump unloaded on former Secretary of State John Kerry this week after the senior Obama official admitted to meeting Iranian officials “three or four times” in recent months.

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Lurch has a history of meeting with our enemies.

So…another big story of yet another Trump associate flipping in the Mueller investigation. Hannity throws a dart at the board for a BS distraction story and it lands on Kerry lol.

Does Kerry have his security clearance? If so, it should be revoked and a message to the world, Kerry represents only himself. If he continues he should be registered as a foreign agent and possibly even as an anarlchst.

This ■■■■■■■■■■■■ always reporting for duty.

By whose authority did Kerry do anything ?

Review this creep’s Vietnam service, his State Department corruption, Benghazi Killery’s
affiliation, UNLESS Lady Justice is peeking under the blindfold…and sees the SCHMUCKS
for what what they are, democracy and our REPUBLIC is in DEEP DO !
President Trump 2020 !!!

Personally, I always thought Kerry looked like one of the Muppets. As far as his claim that former Sec.s of State always do this kind of thing, he forgets that it has usually been at the request of the current President. Some how, I don’t think our current President made such a request of him.

Trump might be onto something here. If anybody knows about illegal meetings with foreign powers, it’s President Unindicted Co-conspirator.

So the question that begs to be asked is why hasn’t anyone looked into Kerry’s self confessed violation of the Logan Act or his FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act) violations???

A meeting by the President would not be “illegal” under any circumstances. Meetings of any type, with anyone is not illegal. On the other hand, Kerry does not represent the President nor anyone other than himself. What could he possibly be doing? Nothing positive for our country I assure you! Kerry should be investigated, the meeting explained and Kerry prohibited from meeting with any foreign leader as an American citizen. How do you spell
“treason” and “collusion” ?