KELLYANNE SLAMS SCHIFF: Conway Tells Adam Schiff to ‘RESIGN’ After Democrats’ Mueller Disaster | Sean Hannity

Senior presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway exploded on Rep. Adam Schiff over the weekend; telling the left-wing lawmaker to resign after Robert Mueller’s final report cleared the Commander-in-Chief of any “collusion.”

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I fully agree with everything Kellyanne stated. But. Set a good example and send your “husband” a voice mail or text message informing him of a petition for divorce.

Your posting name speaks volumes.

KellyAnne is a tough lady…she has delt with these Washington gutter rats and maintained her diginity…with a blow fish fat mouth husband being a snarky…child about 10 …I xdo not know how she does not just punch him…Adam is a preppy looser who only know the gutters of Washington…

This is the only way that Adam Schiff can get the attention he craves. No one outside his state even heard his name before 2016. He is not about to give up his place in the media spotlight.