Kanye West to meet with President Trump, Jared Kushner at White House

Kushner’s middle east peace plan went so well, now it’s time for he and Kanye to fix the US prison system.

The most devastating attack ad against Obama in 2008 was…“He’s the biggest celebrity in the world”

I miss those times so ■■■■■■■ much.

I remember the meltdown republicans had when Obama had Common visit the WH.

oh yeah, and they called him, ■■■■■■■ COMMON(!), a gangster rapper.

Thank God! When I think of a person who can solve all black problems in the US I think of Kanye “slavery was a choice” West!

We are saved!


Yep, complete outrage by these numbnuts.

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Yeah… that was super crazy.

They were trying to portray Common as some gang banging rapper who killed cops for fun.

It was wild.

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Maybe Kanye will repeal the 13th amendment.

Remember when Common went to the WH and RW media exploded with deep dives into controversial lyrics from his albums? Kanye is about 10000x more lyrically sketchy than Common. We won’t see any of that though.

Kanye “Abolish the 13th amendment” West

And it’s not like Kanye is wrapped that tight, either.

Replaced by the 13th Yemendment, which will have a dope beat from sampled tracks, but terrible rhyme schemes and lines that require explanation immediately after the lines are delivered.


Cons love to prop up these idiots. All of a sudden he is a conservative hero. “See black people this is how you should be”

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The Cosby effect.

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Wait… what? Did I miss something?


“I felt despair so terrible I briefly considered slitting my own wrists or bludgeoning myself about the head with a steel pipe or a baseball bat. But I brought no blade, no pipe, no bat.”

Pretty much how I feel when I read about anything dealing with Kanye West.


Can’t stop laughing at Kardashian Reality TV president.

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and when they are done or if their person steps out of line, they put them in the back of the closet like old shoes.

see…Stacey Dash, Herman Cain, Paris Dennard(he did that to himself), Colin Powell(voted for Obama), Michael Steele (wanted to expand the GOP tent to African Americans), Sheriff Clarke and the list goes on and on.

I give Kanye 6 months tops, but that all depends on what happens next month. If the house flips, then his time is done.

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Donald, Jared and Kayne coming up with solutions.

God help us.

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Kanye is a ■■■■■■■ imbecile. He’ll get head table treatment in the Trump Cult.