Kansas GOP Official: Lets send her back to the reservation (10-10-2018)


okay 6 days old. I missed it. (jeez way too much going on)

Indian? Reservation? This is what desperation smells like.

yeah defend that guy, elephants.

you cant.


Was someone injured? Disenfranchised? Assaulted?

Oh… name calling, you say? I see.

Why would I defend him? He sounds like a moron who shouldn’t be anywhere near public office, local Republicans have already condemned him as it says in the article you linked.

LOL. thats the best ya got. KS-03 flips blue.

and the “indian” will be headed for the capitol and not the “reservation”

Sharice Davids rockz.


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Because you want your guy (yoder) to win.

There will be people (like CMI in this very thread)


Yoder didn’t say it.

Is Hillary running in KS-03?

Reservation and Indian are old thinking,

Hillary’s past her prime.

Booker is the future.

Hillary is the past.


You know its all about optics (yoder didnt have to)


Weak. You wanted her running the country. Wear your albatross.

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Booker the guy that does not stop when she says “no”? That Booker?

You want quotes from Obama when he used the word “Indian” to refer to Native Americans? Is his thinking old too?

Your attempt at political correctness has been shown to be a farce. Hillary would still be president today if Libs’ plan had worked. But -fair weather friends that libs are - you now denounce her. Libs speak with forked tongue and vote with forked ballot.

where did I imply that.

Clearly my thread title doesnt imply that. Neither does my OP.



Ok. My mistake. I’ll change my post.

I thought this was going to be another thread about Warren.

One thing I certainly have noticed since Warren called trump’s bluff and got the DNA test…I’ve heard MORE slurs towards Native Americans in the last few days than I’ve heard in the last 10 years total…maybe even more than 10 years.

Still fixated (frightened) on H. Clinton, eh?

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Why on earth would I ever let you forget what you tried to do?

I think you may be confusing mockery of Warren with slurs against actual Native Americans.

Being a Kansas native born and raised, when races in this state start going blue you know things are gonna not going well for the GOP in that election cycle. Potentially 2 of Kansas’ 4 districts going blue, I mean that is bad on a whole new level, its been nearly 8 years since Kansas has had a democrat representative in the house, 11 years since two reps, 60 years since that happened the time before then and 79 years since we’ve had a democrat senator. Pretty incredible really. Then again agriculture tarrifs aren’t real popular around here.