Kananah & The Dems'. Fight To Destroy Him

The liberals have had Roe V Wade for decades, giving women the right to kill their very own young.

Anyone who has sense can see that the liberals are willing to destroy Kavanah & anyone else to keep any conservative off the SOTUS, including any type of crime against all on the right.

Liberals have been reluctant to call out the reason for destroying Kavanah. However, the kept quiet reason is abortion.

Things in this country have changed drastically beginning with the right electing Trump. Trump who has a great love for all Americans & the liberals are afraid Trump’s nominee will be part in changing the abortion law.

I don’t doubt that at all. It’s time that women were stopped from killing their own babies, as the doctors tear them limb from limb. Things are changing now for sure. I’d say, God’s tired of the left killing those He created in the womb. that

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