KAMALACARE? Sen. Harris Calls for ‘Elimination’ of Private Health Insurance Across US | Sean Hannity

California Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris stunned audience members at a CNN town hall event Monday evening; bizarrely suggesting the US medical system would be better off without private health insurance companies.

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Imagine if you will giving your very person over to the likes of this one…

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I just don’t understand how she thinks that’s ok? I do not choose to live in a socialist country and that’s exactly what she is pushing for. Why don’t people like us get a choice in this? Because we aren’t millionaires? See…people like her think it’s awesome because they’re healthy and they have money. People like me? I’m a hot mess…so essentially I’ll be sentanced to an earlier death due to the stress of not getting timely care or depressed enough and fed up enough to take my own life? That is essentially where pain patients are being ushered to now, as it is. What a shame they lie so easily.

She is using taxpayer money to buy votes.

What about the financial system? My annuities would be gone in an instant! My lifes Investment would crash…I’m already paralyzed in a wheelchair and work. I restore headlights, I created it back in 2012. But my yearly income is based in part on this investment.

Hmmmmm…who will pay for all of this? We can’t afford another Affordable Health Care!!! Did he ask her if she will get a commision on all of this or what? I’m still wondering who was paid the commissions on Obama care. We know that some politicians became millionaires in office as the premiums went higher and higher for the so called affordable coverages. Unless you were one of those that paid nothing. I think it would be good for Kamilla to have Hillary run as her Vice President))))

“The idea is that everyone gets access to medical care.”
The problem is that Harris, like so many, addresses medical insurance as though it were medical care. The problem that nobody seems willing to address is that the limitations on access today - maybe not for Harris, but for many Americans - are not limitations of payment options, but limitations in the availability of practitioners. The looming doctor shortage, which many parts of the country are already experiencing, is only being addressed by attempting to introduce PAs and nurse practitioners to manage primary care, because of the severe shortage of general/primary care practitioners. That does not help when it comes to more complex internal and surgical issues. The dropout rate of med students, post-med (interns and residents) is slowly increasing. Many residency programs have been able to fill their slots with foreign-trained doctors because those bright, top-of-the-class US students who used to always choose pre-med as a college major are no longer considering medical careers.

Like all entitled politicians, Harris does not see what the real crisis in medical care is for those who live between California and DC.

The only way she can do something like this is to basically nationalize healthcare by making all healthcare providers and workers government employees. All hospitals , clinics and even medical schools would have to come under the control of the government. Do you really want to give that kind of control to the government? In Canada and Great Britain they already have boards that decide who gets care and who dies. At least in Britain they do let you pay yourself if you can afford it. In Norway, they jail you if you go to another country for lifesaving drugs that the government won’t pay for.