Kamala to be interviewed by Robin Roberts on GMA tomorrow. Predictions?

This is promoted as a hard hitting interview where no questions are off the table. Yeah sure. Expect a lot of “What’s wrong with Trump?” questions. Followed up by some Kamala worship. Lots of complements going both ways and a little bit of giggling. Maybe even a pillow fight? In other words, all of your deepest most thoughtful questions will be answered.

Watch it if you can. Let me know what is the toughest question she got.

BHDS going to be hitting hard the next 4 years…But that aside. Probably about as hard questions as Trump got on Fox and Friends, and the other talking head shows on that network, Chris Wallace excluded.

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cackle jackal


Sorry dude. You whiffed.(again) Trump took tons of questions from haters. Kayleigh was out there today fighting off the nit wits. Took many hostile questions. Biden Harris are scared ■■■■ less of taking a question from non worshippers. Cowards both of them.


They were elected yesterday… You’re going to have a rough 4 years, We’re not even done with day 1 yet…lol

Newsflash. You are not exempt. You will be subjected to the same ■■■■ show everyone else will. All the fees, the taxes, flood of illegals, the insurance tampering, all of it will happen to you too…lol.


What flavor ice cream do you like?

What’s your favorite cell phone?

Favorite movies?

Ad nauseum. :nauseated_face:

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Yeah, and she lied again to the press. And it is so refreshing to have her do a press conference once a month. She has been a joke. And it has become a challenge to check the bottom of the screen to see if she is on the tube as the Press Secretary or a spokesperson for the campaign. And in either case she is in way over her head. But hey, only the best people, right?

Yeah, because Carnac the Magnificent says so. Thanks Mucho!

Sen. Kamala Harris drops out of 2020 presidential race

The California Democrat, who had announced her bid for the White House in January, said she doesn’t have the money to continue.

…and just look at her only a year later. Libs must be proud.

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From Fox and friends. Lol.

A sample question from F&F

What does a great POTUS think about the army navy game response?


I hope she was clean and articulate. gropey joe likes that in a running mate.