Kamala helps bail out child rapist

Depends on what you think bail is for. It’s not to keep the person locked to prevent new offenses. It’s to make sure the person shows up to trial.

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I think that a conviction is a prerequiste for acting like a person is guilty.

If the person was considered dangerous wouldn’t they deny bail?

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where do i have an issue with bail?

me too

would they be in jail for no reason?

You know that bail is an option even for people who are awaiting trial for murder or rape, right? There’s actually hearings to determine those things.

So much for the 8th Amendment.

No ■■■■ now go read the question again slowly so you understand it.

Possibly considering not all criminal trials end in a guilty verdict.

How does that answer my question though?

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your question makes no sense

no one was denied any bail

derek chauvin

Exactly. Re-read it.

When there is video evidence of you killing someone. All bets are off. The trial should last 5 minutes and the gallows are behind the courthouse.

If not for double-standards…

Not for sure in the era of deepfake.


Oh…so then you have video evidence of guilt in these cases. I don’t double-standard squat. The rule would apply to everyone equally.

Everyone thought the McMartins were guilty…and they were denied bail.

Why didn’t camela and her group offer to bail out chauvin and the other officers?? They’re in Minnesota.