Kamala helps bail out child rapist

Yeah…ignore the truth of what I said because you just go spanked with your own words. :sunglasses:

Please don’t touch my butt.


Kavanaugh wasn’t convicted.

Has the definition of “same” changed?

The democratic party has never been farther left than it is now. AOC, Bernie and Harris will be driving the agenda. Biden can barely drive a car.

It takes more than assumptions to make something true.

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It takes more than denial to make something false. Your party is made up of fascists/ communists.

I’m an independent, not a Democrat. The DNC is mostly made up of liberals, progressives, social democrats, and democratic socialists. Most fascists and communists are not Democrats.

Is Kamala complicit with blood on her hands now?

Bail fund backed by Kamala Harris freed Minneapolis man charged with murder

Bail fund backed by Kamala Harris freed man charged with murder (nypost.com)

If it weren’t for Ross Perot Clinton may have never been elected. It’s one way of looking at it I suppose.

There’s a reason some Mexicans refer to her as Que Mala, literally What a Bad Woman.

They’re right.

You cannot fathom what it is like to see the person who murdered your child in a restaurant, or at Walmart, or sitting at a stop light. There is no doubt who did it. There were many witnesses. It takes along time to get to court.

$5,000 was 10% of his bail on a 2nd degree murder charge is why…

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IIRC guilt is presumed for purposes of bail, yet there’s Quemala encouraging others to go fund him.

This sounds like Hilary Rodham Part Deux: