Kamala Harris wants to take existing healthcare coverage from over 150 million Americans

How many times a week do you hear a TV ad saying President Trump wants to strip health care coverage from 23 million Americans? Unfortunately, the real and bigger truth is, our communist/socialist controlled Democrat Leadership wants to take away the existing healthcare coverage from over 150 million Americans. That’s about the number of Americans who now receive employer-sponsored health insurance. LINK

Not only has Kamala Harris repeatedly confirmed this is the Democrat Party’s plan ___ ending existing private healthcare coverage ___ but she also wants elderly American citizens, about 50 million, who paid into Medicare all their lives, to surrender and share their healthcare revenue with millions of illegal entrants who have invaded America’s borders.

This is what Kamala Harris, and the communist/socialist controlled democrat party has planned for you under their “Medicare for All” plan, which Kamala has embraced, and wants to force down the throats of over 200 million Americans if she gets the chance.

Keep in mind that under Kamala’s “Medicare for All” plan, insurers would be forbidden to cover services that are covered under her government-run plan. And this is how she plans to end private health insurance in the United States, and impose a Cuban style communist/socialist healthcare system.

Forewarned is forearmed.


When it comes to healthcare, our communist/socialist candidates, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris, have no moral compass whatsoever. They refuse to make the distinction between CHARITABLE GIVING and tax tyranny to support the healthcare needs of illegal entrants.

Not only does she want to take away there healthcare…but she also want to tell em what kind of care you can get, what foods you can eat, what exercise you can do etc.

Total control over your bodies.


Cuban style lol
Was Britain’s NHS not scary enough?

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Y’all id rather lose a kidney transplant because I can’t afford the 3,000 dollar price of immunosuppressants because some illegals may get healthcare.

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Yoo maybe I can get my house seized and myself evicted while I’m suffering from covid-19 in the hospital because of my dead husband’s medical bills because ■■■■ illegals.


This is not true. Taking away coverage is what the Trump admin is trying to do as week speak.

What Biden and Harris want is expanded coverage for all Americans, regardless of employment status.

Will Harris and the rest of the politburo elitist scum have the same healthcare as the unwashed masses?

Lemme ration my insulin real quick too like they do in cuba. Hopefully I don’t slip into a coma and die because of those ■■■■■■■ illegals.

They can already afford it in this system, unlike us.

Health insurance companies are legalized racketeering. The get to keep 20% of your health insurance premiums while providing ZERO benefit to the care you receive.

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Not to mention employer based health care stifles the job market and prevents people from starting their own business.

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I prefer the term bookies. The insurance companies are bookies making bets that you wont get sick and need to collect. If you want to collect from a bookie, you may need to apply some pressure. Employ some thugs of your own… I call them lawyers.

For one thing, Harris is not running for POTUS. And Joe has already said that Medicare For All is not feasible at this time. Here is a link to his plan:

It is going to be funny when healthcare comes up in the debates. I want to hear his answer about how he is protecting per-existing conditions when he is in court trying to end the ACA.

Come now, you must be joking. Or are you?

I can’t believe it. You weren’t joking.


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ plan for “free” college tuition, and cancelling student loan debt, will be paid for by taxing millions of college graduates who worked for and paid their own way through college and are now trying to finance their own economic needs.

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Maybe since we are the 12th most obese country in the world, changing our diets might not be such a bad idea. Carry on with your faux rage though. :roll_eyes:

What will YOU impose on people to force em?

You can’t really impose anything, but updating the food chart and really encouraging people to lead a healthier lifestyle is a good start. It goes along with the Healthcare thread that is going on too. It would save us a ton of money if we became a more fit country.

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Pop/soda is the worst…nothing but sugar and empty calories. Fast food sure does sell a lot of the 32oz killers though.

He is joking because that’s not what she said. Food guidelines are suggestions, not requirements.


Kamala could easily, if elected, regulate beef production in such a manner that it would become so expensive that only the privileged elite could afford to enjoy it:


“Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else’s game.” ― Evita Ochel

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