Kahin Tepe - Another 12,000 year old settlement discovered

Another prehistoric “Tepe” settlement found. Video is about 2 months old, but it’s new for me. Kahin Tepe is just as old as the more famous Gobekli Tepe. I hope the researchers can rescue the site before that dam gets built over it.

Those ignorant primitive cavemen sure knew their way around stone cutting and masonry.

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I will give credit to the Turks for their appreciation of history and specifically the value of archeological digs.

In 2012 i drove around various parts of Turkey… the western half anyhow. From Istanbul down through their “flyover country” to the Mediterranean and all around and in and out of the nooks and cranies of their coastline up to a bit north of Izmir. And in 1974 would walk on a road between Yalova and Karsmursel till I could flag down a Dolmuş. At all times I saw the Turks protecting antiquity…Greek, Roman, Christian, and earlier. Kudos to them.

If the crazies ever leave, I recommend it as a place to visit and vacation.