Justin Amash for President?

Former Republican today announced that he is forming an exploratory committee to run for president as a libertarian

This of course won’t go anywhere but fun to watch

It might go somewhere. The problem in the past is that they have had such crappy loopy candidates.

It’s entirely possible. It can go both way though. He can draw a lot of Bernie bros too

Perfect! Justin time!

I’ll give him a shot. He’d do better in 2024.

They never can get a good candidate can they. I use to be a libertarian until I realized no one cared about libertarians or what they thought.


I’d give him a shot, honestly. Need to hear his policies though.

Most of his positions are old. But I agree with him on everything except for abortion, healthcare and guns.

I can be moved on guns… but not the other two


I would have been surprised.

He’s bought and paid for by Kock Brothers…well 1 now.

Desperate times for a desperate man…with no place to go…no home…no love…and won’t be reelected.

Say bye Felicia. :sunglasses:

They are all bought and paid for by someone.

Well that doesn’t describe him at all.

So, so weird.

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