Just wondering about the illegal pot issue

Jus wondering how the pot issue is working out for Brittney Griner?

She is still in Russia.

When asked about it, Blinky Blinken commented,. “I have got no higher priority than making sure that Americans who are being illegally detained in one way or another around the world come home.”

Just about nothing is illegal in America these days.

You’re asking how pot issue is working out for someone detained in a foreign country ? Apparently, not well.


Thank you W&C. Just about nothing is illegal in America these days.

And, righteous ly indignant liberals get their undies in a bunch of someone tries to enforce laws the do not like. Blinky Blinken had a dumb response to the question that was asked to him.

Well, something just became illegal in about 13 states… :shushing_face:

Not really it was passed to the states to decide. Never should have been a federal law to begin with. Washington Oregon and Calipornia will fix up any knocked up women, men may also be serviced or gender confused folks, too. Illinois and several other states are also aborted fetus positive

Isn’t that precisely what I was saying ? In those states it’s now illegal.

States can rule as they see fit. The knocked up can move or travel. Like drinking and pot go where they can get high.

I want to see how they are gonna treat natural born makes who think they are pregnant and how much they will charge natural born males

Back to Brittney Griner, she should know what countries to carry dope. I wonder how she is doing and how it is working out for her (in Russia.)

Looks like Brittney did not have a good 4th of July. She is scared and begging the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier for help.

Poor kid, in jail for dope (in a foreign country) and trusting Joey B, the big guy