Just Keep It On the Down Low, Nobody Has To Know - Did "Spartacus" Sexually Assault Another Man?

Hi, I’m cory booker and I approve this message!

Who here is shocked like me?? Looks like he’s out trying to make Spartacus moments happen in all sorts of places.

Now what happened to larry craig again?? booker should be packing his bags right away.

To be fair it is one person’s word against another’s word.

I am tired of unsupported allegations.



Yeah, I’ve been fed up with metoo pretty much from the start, but apparently this person, while still anonymous to most, has made their identity known to media members and even contacted ronan (the accuser) farrow, who apparently has zero interest in the story.

Now why would farrow ignore a story like this??

Booker acts the part. He reminds me of a Black, baldheaded Liberace.

Craig was arrested for lewd conduct. He said he was going to resign, but didn’t.

Cory “I relieve the victim” Booker. The victim has a date, place and time.
FBI investigation please. Produce the yearbook. Believe all genders.
Corey needs to lay off the gladiator films for a bit until this blows over!

Good posts. Count me in.

Zero Hedge - zero cred.

Like DiFi?

Tell me again when the story is picked up by a halfway legitimate source.

Why would anyone come forward with this if it weren’t true? That’s proof enough. Believe the victim.
No wonder more people don’t come forward when attacked like this. Your chances of being falsely accused of attacking someone in a restroom are some infinitesimally small made up number but a your chances of being attacked are some really big made up number.
To accuse the person of lying is like attacking them again.
Believe the victim.
The victim should be honored for their courage in coming forward, not attacked. *
And besides, we are not talking about criminal charges. There is no due process required. Being a Senator is only a job. Booker needs to quit now.

  • Oh. They didn’t exactly come forward. But that’s just because they didn’t want to be falsely accused of lying by partisans who only care about…partisan stuff.

Well we know what to do: believe the woman.

Wait… he relieved him in the rest room? Ugh. How? Wait… I dont want to know.

Libs are creative.

I’d be more inclined to believe this if every single Conservative who’s talked about it wasn’t yelling the same “bUT yOu BeLlLlLiEeeVEd FoRd aBOut KaVANaUGH” line like deranged parrots.


Really? Strange.

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Here you go: Twitter


It should be investigated and if found to be true Booker should be hung out to dry.

Guys… this isn’t hard.

It also isn’t like Kavanaugh.

Maybe… After reading the account I have this feeling that it will be one of those things like the guy who claimed that Obama did coke with him and had gay sex.

If the guy released the emails that he had with Ronan Farrow during an investigation into his accusation then his story would be quite compelling.