Judge Threatened - Jury Safety Feared


Manafort is such a good guy. Sad day. I dont know why Mueller’s people are threatening the judge and jury. Wait… who is threatening

Why does the press need to know anything about the jurors? Good for the judge.

Why are we spending millions for Mueller to try tax evasion cases? Ukraine? Our ally?


Who is threatening the judge and jurors and why? Mueller isnt only investigating Manafort. And if you havent heard “Ukraine” is kind of split, and guess whose side Manafort has been working for

Look Pauly is no Rat and a Made Guy. Made guys dont go to Prison !

The juror motion itself was filed by multiple news organizations – the Washington Post, New York Times, AP, CNN, NBC, Politico and BuzzFeed. They sought to unseal records in the case, including information about the jurors.

Why would these news organizations need to know the names and information regarding the jurors?

I don’t know, Russians?

Kind of split? Between what?

Free Press! 1st Amendment! Fascists! SHAME! SHAME!

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Probably becausewhich ever way the jury goes it’s a huge news story and they each want the exclusive.

It’s not like this request has never been made before in any case.

I don’t think somebody getting found guilty of fraud and tax evasion is a yuge story. And I’m a reporter.

It’s huge because of his connection to the President and the President has reportedly said what a good man he is.

But then again it doesn’t matter if me or you think it’s huge. The media outlets decide what they want to report. Always havevand always will.

Mana fort represented pro Russian interests in Ukraine.

Its actually the norm that the juror’s names are public record. They are usually only sealed in OC, terrorism and cases where there is a risk of tampering. These jurors aren’t even sequestered, if am not mistaken.

Is that a good thing?

We don’t really know, do we?

liberal lynch mobs? say it isn’t so…

…but they’re anti fascist ya know? :sunglasses:

No it is not. And weirdly, as soon as he took over the Trump campaign FOR FREE the RNC changed their platform re providing weapons to Ukraine. What do you make of that?

Can you show that Manafort is in any way responsible for the threats?

There have been a whole lot of republicans who for many years have supported providing lethal aid to the Ukrainians.

Now that’s funny