Judge Shuts Down Manafort’s Unredacted Warrants Demand to Protect ‘Confidential Sources’

Manafort just can’t catch a break.

I’d only call it a 90% win for Mueller.

Mueller submitted 7 affidavits to a judge to get the search warrant. According to your link
3 of them are fully redacted.
2 there are no more conficts that need to be resolved.

That leaves 2 additional affidavits that were used to get the search warrant. Muellers team has stipulated that when Manafort challenges the search warrant NO information at all from those warrants can be presented to defend them. If there is nothing in them to help the warrant, why submit them? I don’t know if Manafort can bring up that two of the affidavits were challenged and withdrawn.

So now I wonder if we do call it a win for mueller where he has basically withdrawn them from any use in the trial.

“[P]articularly given the prosecution’s stated willingness to set aside that information and not rely upon it to establish that there was probable cause to support the issuance of any warrant.”