Judge Says 2nd Amendment Doesnt Exist in New York

That’s what we get for making them Gods among Men.

Abortion was never a right in the first place.

Man, some people’s children… :rofl:


We made the same mistake as France did. We elevated a certain group of people into Godhood (they are the most virtuous) after all.

The good thing for France is that those people all decided to out virtue each other by guillotining each other as fast as they could. We are still stuck with it.

I dindu nuffin’! Nor did I vote for this current trash heap we’re buried in. My hands are clean. :rofl:

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:rofl: You’re serious.

I knew it!

They’re not gods. And they know it.

It would be nice if they acted like they weren’t.

They pretty much do, they aren’t stupid. They fully understand consent of the governed, for example.

They also know they can’t enforce anything.

They are incrementalists. They have an extreme deference to stare decisis 99.9% of the time.


They think we’re the “clods” of the gods and clods equation, but in a cess pool what floats near the top is never, ever cream…

Dexter Taylor was sentenced to 10 years by this anti 2a judge.

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Anybody who says “ghost gun” should do 10 years.


Based on the quotes coming from the DA in this case, it’s pretty clear that they are trying to make an example of Mr. Taylor through their prosecution. Can’t speak on if 10 years is representative of the crime committed here.

There is no crime.


Cool. According to the laws of NY state, it was a crime.

Those are properly called infringements and are in violation of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.

He didn’t even violate the commerce clause per the retarded reading centgov gives it.

Montana Rifles.

He better appeal it.


I hope he does.

they removed nothing. they overturned an extremely flawed political decision of a prior court returning the matter to where it rightfully belongs in our federal system, the states. There is no right to abortion in the constitution, and there never has been.

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