Judge Rules That Mistake In Trump NDA Makes It Void, Could Apply To Others


Lawyers get paid millions of dollars to write up these NDAs

Whoever wrote that one - and Trumps - need to be sued by the people who paid for them.

I’m no fan of Trump, but lawyers who charge a thousand dollars an hour need to be held accountable for their mistakes.

That’s what you get when you hire “criminal” lawyers.

Yeah, this looks like grounds for an attorney malpractice suit.

Billionaire with a strong penchant for NDA’s, and who only hires the best people manages to hire lawyers who can’t fashion a proper NDA. Too funny.

Perhaps this is a product of prestigious Cooley Law.

I have never heard of NDAs involving intentional torts.
I am surprised they would be allowed at all.
Its like agreeing to do nothing if someone decides to mug you in the future.

Legal malpractice cases are fairly common.

Somebody with Donald’s staggering IQ should have been able to look over the document and spot all the errors. I blame him.

I’m sure you do. A guy down the street dropped dead of a heart attack a couple of days ago.
I’m sure you blame Trump for that.

Well, that’s not even a remotely comparable scenario. Is that the best you can do?

I blame Trump for that.