Judge issues COVID Temp Injunction to 35 SEALs

Probably the complete difference in this “vaccine” compared to all the others.

The fact that what has been released isnt actually a vaccine might have something to do with it.

What difference is that?

What is it?

Please explain.

From a religious perspective unique to COVID vaccines how are they different?


Moderna, J&J, and Pfizer are not vaccines. Vaccines stop / prevent you from getting something. These injections have not shown that to be the case.

What has been shown to be true, is that people getting the injections can more easily fight off this virus, but they are not a vaccine. If they were, then I shouldnt have to worry about getting the virus.

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I don’t know what you’d call it, maybe a placebo? I guess I thought it was going to be an immunization, like against mumps, measles, etc, but we see how it has gone thus far. Also, it was whipped up in a fraction of the time as all the others.

I didn’t include religion. I only said this “vaccine” is different.

[quote=“komobu, post:26, topic:241110”] Vaccines stop / prevent you from getting something.

This isn’t true. Vaccines are designed to provide immune responses. Not all vaccines are 99% effective. Chicken pox and flu vaccines are examples. Yiu can still get the chicken pox or flu, even after taking the vaccines for them.

Horse hockey.

Reducing the chance of infection by 50-75% in addition to greatly reducing the severity if symptoms are developed is huge.

Nothing is 100%, it’s about risk management.


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The exemption the Marines are requesting is specifically about a religious exemption.

Hence the question as to what makes this vaccine different from a religious perspective.

Medical or political opinions of the Marines are not part of the equation unless they are stating falsehoods and attempting to abuse the religious exemption process.


Isn’t the flu shot, which is certainly not 100% effective, also required for active duty military?

Did the Marines requesting an exemption from this vaccine request an exemption from the flu shot also?


You’re using the old definition.


It wasn’t when I was there.

It is now.

Of course I don’t think there was a flu vaccine when you helped Washington cross the Delaware.


That’s not accurate. You can dive with a standard mask with a beard and mustache. Even more possible with a full face mask. It’s a common mistake.

Ok, if you say so.

All due respect, but this is a stupid argument.