Judge: Florida-based broadcaster is Russian foreign agent

No, he didn’t. That’s a nonsense story.

It does say “russians”.

Some people have gotten so spun up they get Google alerts whenever the word russia is mentioned in lib media.

Guess vlad’s flexible kenyan puppet should have told some people when he was POTUS.

He didn’t.

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Why wouldn’t they? It’s never been about the moral majority or law and order or Family and Christian values or a lower national debt or better health care or living the word of Christ. It’s always simply been about power.

Some people on the right even give the current neo nazis a pass for God’s sake. The very same ideology that our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought and died fighting against (before they fought the Cold War/Russia). Those men have to be spinning in their graves.

I posted over and over that we were nowhere near the bottom about a year ago. I hope everyone now sees how low the Republican party has sunk and we’re still nowhere near the bottom.

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Ok Nostrodamus. Oh and FYI, I am an agnostic. Keep your religion out of my politics.

Nope - 100% true. Sorry to disappoint.

You don’t know what you’re even talking about.

Well, that’s a ■■■■■■■ stretch…

Russian influence? In Washington?

Not at all really. It was like, right there.

How was Trump backed in Washington? You mean Clinton.

What about the BBC?

Many of the PBS and NPR news and commentary programs come from the BBC. When will they have to register as foreign agents as well?

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Seems like the Trump administration and AG Barr have been a lot more active than Obama was.