Judge closes down female power lifting event because males are not allowed

For the most part I think government should stay out of just about everything.

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Stop voting for it then.

You mean don’t vote? Because one of the few things our two major political parties agree on is sticking their noses in everyone’s business.

True, but one slightly less. The guy you voted for is trying to ban gas stoves. Come on man!


Maybe, but I don’t really think so. It’s just different people on the sharp end of the stick.

Yeah, that’s dumb.

I gave you an example. The stoves. There are plenty more.

How are republicans sticking their noses in my business?

Your business? I don’t know your business.

A lot of Democrats also support this nonsense.

A woman in a Woke cesspool in Europe recently got jail time for saying men can’t be lesbians.

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I saw that, what a shame.

That’s outrageous! I am a butch lesbian trapped in a man’s body who is only attracted to women who are attracted to men. What’s more woke than that?