Jones Act Exacerbates US Ferry System Struggles

Yet another way in which the Jones Act ■■■■■ the United States over but good.

And unfortunately, the several States can do absolutely nothing to help themselves, until the Federal Government repeals the Jones Act.

Just across the border, Canadian authorities can actually buy decent ships at affordable prices from European shipbuilders. They don’t have to depend on absolute crap like the United States does.

Hmm, shouldn’t “Mayor Pete” be all over this? Especially since the safety and security of US citizens depends on top shelf equipment? It couldn’t possibly be ok with Bootyjedge for US ferries to depend on ■■■■ for vessels?

The Secretary of Transportation doesn’t have the power to repeal laws.

Only Congress can do that.

Absolutely right.

Literally only the Congress can undo this stupidity, by passing a statute repealing the Jones Act in its entirety.

The Jones Act has plagued Alaska since the day it was enacted.

What is the point of artificially protecting domestic industry that cannot meet domestic demand? Jones act makes no sense when American shipbuilders can’t finish the food on their plate.

I think the suggestion that Mayor Pete gets on it was a call for him to use his bully pulpit.

If that wasn’t bigtwnvin’s intent, then I’ll make the suggestion that Pete do so.

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Theres the over used and abused Presidential executive orders

Federal agency regulatory powers used by epa, education, transportation, homeland security etc have general authority to regulate or sometime disreguard regulations that are not favorable to the administration without it first being codified by congressional legislation

Maritime transportation regs are under Coast Guard/DHS, not DOT. In any case, other than the very limited waivers provided for in the law, Congress would need to act for any change to be made.