John Kennedy Does The Big Flip Flop

He makes a statement. A week ago he walks it back. And then he goes out yesterday and doubles down.
Folks, this is just stupid Trump support. And I predict that those Republican Congressman and Senators that are not in solid red districts and states are going to pay a price for this BS.

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Nobody but rabid partisans are buying this.

If it gives you comfort, believe away.

Trump is gaining in the polls and impeachment is fading.

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Which polls are you looking at?
The ones that I am seeing are that Trump is underwater in some key districts that he won in 2016.
Trump is doing nothing to increase his base.
And the polls I am looking at show he has lost 3 -5% of his base.
His margins in the EC were razor thin in the last election.
And you guys are saying that this thing is in the bag.
Sorry, but I don’t see it.
We still have eleven months.
And a lot can happen.
But as of now, I don’t see him getting four more years.

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National polls and he has the momentum.

National polls are meaningless.
They were when the whole dem field was ahead of trump.

And almost a year to go with a probable impeachment trial and the release of his tax returns in the interim.

Which national polls?

unskewed polls…