Joe says he will unite America. Lets see your plan Joe

How are are you planning to do this Joe? After four years of calling conservatives some of the most vile names imaginable, you have your work cut out for you. Four years of Nazi, fascist, Homophobe, misogynists, racist, non stop. You now think people are just going to move on and embrace the people who labeled us with these awful names? Four years of relentless insults. You have some fixing to do. You had better get moving because your party doesn’t seem to be in agreement. Pelosi, AOC, the squad, Shifty, Nadler, Schumer and pretty much everyone else in your party still seems to be in full hate mode.

How are you going to fix this Joe?

Please a trump supprter complaining about name calling.

There is no complex plan he will just talk rationally and sensibly. I guarantee Over the next four years Biden will build more bipartisan support than we have seen in recent years.


Everything you said plus the theft of an election and now we are to come together and sing Kum Bah Yah? I don’t think so!

Have you seen his platform? There’s nothing unifying about it.

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For some people there is nothing he can do as will be evidenced in this thread.


the states, the house and the senate show how united the election was

And there’s the problem. Leftists are not willing to budge an inch.


If he want’s unity, it’s up to him to reach out and work for it. I’m seeing nothing. Has he told AOC to cool it with her hate speech yet?

Really? Try this. Call your friends, co-workers, neighbors and your wife some of the most vile names you can think of. Then try to fix it by "“talking sensibly.” Let me know how it works out for you.


Let’s see your white paper on unifying America, Joe!

Get with the program or else?

It isn’t theft…Biden got more votes it’s called winning the election.


Breibart :rofl:

The comments from the readers of that site underscore exactly the demographic that site appeals to.

You can do better than a Breibart link.

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And in complete sentences, don’t forget that.

He will put everybody back in their respective lane, after he assigns them one.

Do you want to be united?
What would it take for you?

I think that’s wishful thinking on your part. Biden is a follower, not a leader.


I’ll take or else for a 100 Alex. :wink:


Biden is nothing more than a figurehead. That makes him not a leader, nor a follower.

Trump got over 75 million people to unite in the course of one election. That’s a high bar to try and match.

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