Joe it's not a joke

Video put out by Washington Free Beacon


Washington Free Beacon

Of all the time sleepy Joe had to say it’s not a joke.

Seems to me if you have to tell everyone it’s not a joke…it’s a joke Joe.

And this is best that libs have? :rofl:


Seems to me if you have to tell everyone that no one knows more than you… then you don’t know anything Donald.


“Stand up, Chuck” is still my favorite

Btw, anyone else think that Biden stopped aging around 2008 ?


I have to admit, that is a classic. :rofl:

OK did I break something here.

I got this message from forum system.

What did I do and how do I fix it?
I gave my two cents worth and I credited to rightful owners of video?

@Snow96 @GWH

I still see the video embedded in OP along w/ link to Beacon

Yeah, not sure what I did wrong, or the reason for the message.

I posted it because I thought it was funny…and something I didn’t noticed until I seen the video. :confused:

It’s the software copying files to the local server. You’ll see that happen every time someone posts a gif image as well.

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Ah, Thanks Six.

That;'s one of those things that as soon as you say it. This light goes on in the back of your brain somewhere and it flashes What the ■■■■■ Can I be that stupid…and then similarly another light goes on that screams abort abort abort…but ya got no where else to go. What do you do???

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Kinda of an awkward faux pas like Bill Maher saying “house n-word” on his show

nah i like the one where he says you can’t go into a “7-11” without seeing Indian people haha

when non-democrats say stuff like that it’s “racist”


Then why are we all laughing?


“I mean you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy. I mean that’s a storybook, man.”

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I don’t think it flashes for Maher. I think he says it and disconnects. But that just my opinion

I think just about all of us have done a similar faux pas , just usually not on live television.

That is hilarious. 5 min is enough.
Kamala Harris has a similar laugh.

He talks to dead people to.

I do find Biden’s speaking style to be annoying.

But then again this thread is from a Trump defender so…it’s just a little strange to pretend there is some standard Biden isn’t meeting.

Yeah, it even has a name, “Fake”.