Joe Biden:Trump Is weak on law and order. Biden Ignores the Weak Leftist Mayors

Last time he tried sending fed assistance the media called the move and fed agents “stormtroopers” this is why Trump doesn’t want to go it without the approval of those leftist mayors but as we can see these leftist mayors are refusing his aid.

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Incoherent Joe is back.

It’s only 20 minutes. He struggles at many points. Straight from the shoulder? OK.

Says Trump will destroy SS. Same old playbook.

Desperation appears to be the theme.

Ever notice that Trump supporters prefer NOT to talk about Trump’s greatness anymore?

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Schiff is poised to run another impeachment if Trump doesn’t go by the book.

So Trump is going by the book.

Smart move.

What’s the point of talking tough on Twitter then ?

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