Joe Biden:Trump Is weak on law and order. Biden Ignores the Weak Leftist Mayors

Joe Biden Defends Leftist Armed Radicals, Claims that Trump is supporting a right wing armed militias yet Joe Biden deafened radicals by pretending that his agaisnt riotting and looting this statement from Joe Biden shows that he hasnt being following what has being happening in Portland and elsewhere for the last four months

Biden: “He may believe mouthing the words law and order makes him strong, but his failure to call on his own supporters to stop acting as an armed militia in this country shows you how weak he is. Does anyone believe there will be less violence…if Donald Trump is reelected?”

It seems Joe Biden is ignoring the weak leftist mayors who had being allowing this chaos in their cities and states to continue for the last 95+ days when knowing they could have ended it overnight. Joe Biden’s staff only decdided to make this statement because Biden is doing badly in the polls.

For months Joe Biden and buddies had being ignoring the riotting and looting and once again Biden is clueless he blames a right wing group who are armed, Yet thats not what happened in Portland.

I find comical how Biden supporters believe Biden own statement dispute the fact that it were armed Leftists that were in portland not right wing groups.


There had being videos from last night.
“We got a Trump Supporter over here!”
“Are you a Christian!?”

Joe Biden statement and letter seems to be following the narrative which the media had being using June about the claim that armed right wing groups are behind yet there is no evidence of this.

According to POTUS, we are currently living in “Joe Biden’s America”. Wow, Joe Biden’s America really kinda sucks :confused:

If only Biden was president…

If only Biden was president Covid would magically stop and looting and burning to right? i am sure Biden would make things all go away right?

Maybe Joe Biden should go back to his basement.

I doubt he could do any worse than the current president, Mr. Hawk.

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We need to elect Donald Trump so that the violence that is being displayed during the Trump administration can end.

Err…ummmm … wait … never mind…

Biden needs to call on not just Democratic mayors who are behind all this by virtue of allowing it, but those BLM and antifa and radicals are going to be voting for someone and it isn’t going to be Trump. Biden needs to say: To any rioters and looters and arsonists out there who are planning on voting for me, I ask you, as a supporter, to stop now, even if your weak Democratic mayor and governor don’t care". Then he can complain about Trump.

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This tactic isn’t going to work. While this shifting is being attempted, the governors and mayors are refusing Trump’s help.

They share a philosophy with Biden, not Trump. That (D) is a spot that won’t wash out.

“the stupidity of the American voter” won’t work this time.

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I’d like to know what it is, the “sufferers of TDS”, expect the POTUS do, except for providing/offering federal law enforcement assistance, of which, he’s already done.

The state and local leftist leaders see rejecting said assistance as giving Trump the middle finger, but in actuality, it is their constituents they are flipping off.

Seems they’ve found the recipe for stupid and have slipped it in the water supply, because they will all be re-elected to do it all again the next time.

Well joe biden did lock up millions of black “thugs” and “predators” (his words, not mine) for years, destroying many millions of lives.

And his partner harris locked up tens of thousands for weed.

Maybe biden is the candidate who will clean up our streets.

Well, POTUS keeps saying that he’s going to take care of it if weak and ineffectual dem leaders won’t

What’s he waiting for ?

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The Ask.

POTUS keeps saying that he’ll do the job himself if local officials fail to. That doesn’t sound like he is waiting their permission/request.

Of course he’s waiting. He hasn’t done much of it yet.

Although there have been 300 people arrested or indicted on federal charges.

Medic UP!


‘Ol Joe is on the Tee Wee NOW? Oh here come the talking points. WAIT! He’s in my hometown of Pittsburgh! Huh? What’s that you say Joe, you’re promising to “deal with” the mobs, the virus and the economy? Promising “good paying jobs”?
Here it comes… “Donald Trump bad”
After 47 years

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You and the CCP have one thing in common.

Man -Trump Suppoters have so many excuses and blame.
Bottom line.
Trump has been President for almost 4 years and his Presidency now consits of
10%+ unemployement
Negative economy Growth rates
2 trillion deficits
Civil Unrest
Unchecked pandemic
Race Riots
Increasing crime.

That has all happened under President Trump. Everything has gotten worse and he has no plans on how to fix it, only more excuses why he can’t fix it.

I dont have any ideas -but I know that if after 4 years everything is worse under Trump and his own suppoters are saying he cant fix it because of …reasons. Then there is no way anyone should vote for him to give him 4 more years.

It’s easy to capitalize on hindsight. Quite another to lead in a crisis.